Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yay! Winner!

OK, not quite, but I'm still pretty chuffed. SACM magazine have been holding a photographic competition, with projects assigned every month, and my entry was adjudged runner-up in the B&W catagory. Here's my entry:

Click here for an enlarged version.

And here's the winning entry. I would love to say that I deserved to win, but this photo is superb. I love the contrast and lighting - very professional.

I am a little bummed though, because I already have a printer (2nd prize) and would love a good, compact P&S like the Canon SX100 IS PowerShot (1st prize). Guess I'll have to do something special for this month's entry: panorama. Anyone go any great ideas for the Durban area; a seascape seems too obvious?

Thanks for reading.