Friday, May 30, 2008

Still Sick and the Giro d'Italia Stage 18

Did I mention I was sick? Actually, today I'm worse - now I've got a rasping cough to go along with the rest of my ailments. Every time I cough it feels like my legs are going to fall off! Ever had that feeling? So I'm home, but with no chance of rest 'cos the young 'un is home with me, and being sick doesn't slow him down much!

Looks like my training is on hold for the weekend now - I wonder whether I'll still have a place in my Time Trial team.

Training Stats
I've added a graph to the right hand margin (I hope you can see it). This shows my training distance for the last seven days. The red column is the target for that day, and the blue is my actual km's. This is actually rather meaningless, because it doesn't show the type of training I was doing on that day. For example, the ride might have only been 25 km, but we might have been doing hills that morning. Similarly, a long weekend ride might be really slow (LSD). A decent graph would therefore have to show distance, ascent and average speed, at least.

I have used Google Docs (Spreadsheets) to create this graph. They have a brilliant feature which allows the addition of 'gadgets' which can then be published on web sites or blogs etc. Unfortunately, they are fairly limited, so unless you a bit more tech-savy than I am, the standard graphs they offer can't be modified to include all the features I would like.

Giro d'Italia
Hardman Jens Voight escaped 36 km's out and won by more than a minute from the breakaway group that had been away the whole race. No effect on the overall, but there are a couple of mountains in today and tomorrow's stages, and of course there is still the final time trial in Milano on Sunday. My money is still on Contador!

Firefox 3 is in the final stages, and should be ready for public release in the next couple of weeks. I have used the Beta versions, and it is awesome. Firefox are going to try and set a new Guinness World Record for the number of downloads in 24 hours, so if you want to get involved, click the link on the right of my page. And seriously, if you are still using Explorer, give Firefox a try - you won't look back.

Thanks for reading.