Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Major Blunder

I was reminded yesterday how careful we have to be in this wonderful digital age of cloud computing, instant messaging and even the lowly email. Our Fearless Leader sent an email to a friend b!tching about another member, and mistakenly copied the entire club, including the person she was b!tching about. I can only hope the fallout is contained, and does not spread through the ranks. There's definitely a lesson there though; if you really have to talk behind someone's back, make sure you scan through what you're emailing before you hit the send button!

The annual local Team Time Trial is coming up on the 22nd of June, and we've decided to enter a few teams of varying talent. Of course, given my current fitness levels, I am in one of the social teams basically on a hiding to nothing. We started our training this morning, although the route to Umhlanga and around Gateway was far from ideal - far too many twists, turns and hills to work on the required skills. The rules are 5 per team, with the time taken from the 3rd person across the line. If this morning was anything to go by, I'll have to sacrifice myself early and then leave it to the rest of the team to bring it home! Gotta work on my fitness...

Today the Giro gets under way again, with Stage 17 in the Northern Lombardy region, around Lake Como (refer the closing scene of Casino Royale). Not too many climbs today, so if an escape doesn't go all the way, it should come down to another sprint finish.

Thanks for reading.