Thursday, May 29, 2008

Down In The Dumps

I hate being sick. I have flu, and I hate the sinus pains and the blocked ears and the aches in my joints. I want to climb into bed and only surface when I am well again. I hate dragging myself around at work and trying to concentrate on what I'm doing when I feel at death's door. And I hate missing training, because I know I can't afford to, and everyone else is out their getting fitter and stronger, and raising the bar even further.

Our kids love being sick. They love the extra attention they get, and they love not going to school. And when they're not feeling well, they just collapse and someone will take care of them. I wish I was a kid!

Giro d'Italia

As predicted, yesterday proved to be another day for the sprinters, and young André Greipel took the honours for his High Road team, ahead of team mate Mark Cavendish, who has already won two stages in this year's Giro. Alberto Cantador maintained the race leaders jersey, and probably will until Friday when the next mountain stage might give some of the other challengers a chance to attack him. Todays stage finishes in Varese, host to the 2008 World Championship in Septembers, with two circuits on the 17.4-kilometre course. Watch out for the World Champion hopefuls like Paulo Bettini.

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